Experimental Art Project Space in New Cross Gate

HARTS RAIN (Weather Report) | A Concept Installation by Clive Burton | PV Friday 27th May, 6pm

harts rain


(Palimpsest Architecture is a term often used to describe the accumulated iterations of a design or feature of a site where spaces are rebuilt or remodelled and evidence of its former use, function or state can be used or remain.)

This second work in a series of installations about defining Harts Lane building as an art work in its own right follows the original palimpsest installation ‘Socket and See’ in March 2014. In each case an aspect of the building was taken to develop a concept to intensify the awareness of the building as a whole whilst offering diversifying layers for interpretation.
In ‘Socket and See’ an old disused plug socket in a wall was cast and ten exact reproductions relocated into every corresponding interior wall space at the same height around the circumference of the ground floor building.
In this case the existing roof is in disrepair, leaking badly and in need of replacing as part of the buildings regeneration. For this second installation ‘Harts Rain’ identical black plastic buckets full of water have been installed under the roof, slowly dripping water into paired buckets beneath them on the floor. The intended result is that the building’s interior and its inherent history is transformed becoming the primary focus, this being facilitated by the leaking buckets, which are the visual catalyst for the original concept. Attention is drawn, with irony and humour, to the already existing aesthetic of the shell of the building, its historical atmospheric characteristics and its current state of health as a living three dimensional structure. This is emphasised by the additional elements of sound, movement and time evoking the component of weather into the inner space of the building.

Artist’s Statement
“Within the broad field of sculpture and installation my work encompasses ideas using both mixed media and material process, often across dimensions, concentrating on the spiritual and physical presence of materials, process and objects and their combined narratives.
My preoccupations revolve around concepts relating to the combining and cross wiring of the perceptive, the poetic, the political, the ridiculous, the logically illogical, the ludicrous, the humorous; playing with puns and paradox, hybrid and oxymoron, chance and order, the related and unrelated, the functional and the dysfunction, serendipity and the use of cross reference towards a type of aesthetic purgatory.”

Clive Burton is a member of The London Group. He has exhibited extensively both in the UK and internationally and his works are included in many private and public collections in the USA and UK. He has tutored at Central St Martins and Camberwell and in 2008 he founded ‘1dea5pac7’ art space in Peckham, London.



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