Experimental Art Project Space in New Cross Gate

Greetings From NCG | open until 26th June


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.21.09(photo @ Pat Meagher)

Open from 11th – 26th June, Wed-Sun 12-5pm
Voting closes on Saturday 25th at 5pm
10 winning postcards announced on Sunday 26th June at 4pm

The Greetings From New Cross Gate Postcard Exhibition is a true celebration of New Cross Gate. A whopping total of 106 photos have been submitted! From funny to serious, from poetic to historical, the collection is an ode to unity and diversity in this special place in South East London. In the old days, people would buy a postcard to proudly tell their friends about their exciting visit. New Cross Gate is currently not on the tourist map of London but its rich history dates back to 1086. Artists, children, locals, have all contributed a unique visual interpretation for a new postcard for New Cross Gate, presented in the same A4 format.
During the exhibition in hARTslane, visitors have the opportunity to vote for their favourite photographs. The 10 most voted for, will be transformed into 25000 postcards of New Cross Gate and distributed widely through local shops and sent worldwide by proud New Cross Gate lovers.

Participating Artists:
Mikey Georgeson | Steven Ball | Britta Giersche | Hatty Uwanogho | Farhana Hoque |
Martin Joyce | Bridget McKenzie | Sweyn Hall | Bob Bicknell-Knight | Jay Alix | Silvia Forese | Marta Addari | Bjarki Brennan | Murdoch – McCormick | Mike Whelan | Ruby McDougall | Ernesto Torres | Peter Lally | Nathan Valentine | Alessandro Minoggi | Tommy Clark | Taleesha Bray | Stephen Carrick-Davies | Clive Burton | Vanja Karas | Lynsey Moran | Nicola Denley | Frederica Agbah | Olivia Tyrrell | Margaret Jennings | Skye Burton | Kevin Brennan | Flynn Richards | Bowie Richards | Miles Whilby | Tom & Tim |
Matilde Strocchi | Jacopo Strocchi | Paola Cenedese | Renie W Pot | Oscar Tornincasa |
Patricio Forrester | Artmongers | Pat Meagher | Mary McInerney | Jasper McInerney |
Tisna Westerhof | Cristiana Bottigella | hARTslane | Noah Kelly | Joshua Clancy Patterson | Sigrun Sverrisdottir | Callum Malcom-Kelly | Winston George | Beatrix Joyce | Joe Dromey





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