Experimental Art Project Space in New Cross Gate

ROOM 101 | PV Thursday 23, 6-8pm

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As part of The Telegraph Hill Festival 2017, hARTslane presents:

ROOM 101
Stephanie Conway and Livia Garcia
24 March – 2 April 2017
PV Thursday 23 March, 6-8pm

ROOM 101 is a direct reference to Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. As the title suggests it reflects on the fear and threats that we may have to confront at a time when unity is disrupted. The exhibition seeks to address these current issues and will use this contextual backdrop as a springboard for ideas and speculations on the dual aspects of unity/dis-unity and their subsequent implications. The show will focus on juxtaposing individual explorations and personal responses to the idea of unity.

The exhibition will take the form of an installation of multiple works i.e. paintings, objects and sound. The process and the end result will be speculative and experimental, treating hARTsane as a laboratory and space for dialogue, ideas development and explorations in relation to ideas of unity and collectiveness.








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