Experimental Art Project Space in New Cross Gate



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Putting New Cross Gate on the map of London as a cultural destination and not only as a gate.

hARTslane is a curatorial team and an experimental art project space in New Cross Gate, South London, dedicated to delivering a cutting edge cultural programme focusing on visual and performing arts, participatory art practices as well as design & sustainable architecture.

Alongside a programme of our curated events, we welcome proposals for the hARTslane Platform, an ongoing open submission of exhibitions and art projects, assessed weekly by our curatorial team.
We look for thought provoking, ambitious, innovative talent.

hARTslane was founded in 2012 by Cristiana Bottigella, Sigrun Sverrisdottir and Tisna Westerhof. It is based in a derelict garage, an unusual raw setting to develop creative ideas, experiment beyond boundaries and to network.

Please, get in touch if you want to submit a proposal for an art event or activity.

HERE info and photos of the space.

hARTslane would not have been possible without www.peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk

hARTslane is based in 17 Harts Lane. A derelict garage which was an eyesore and a wasted resource owned by the Council and  occupied by People Before Profit as part of their struggle for affordable housing in Lewisham.


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