Experimental Art Project Space in New Cross Gate



March 17 | Light on the Ground, Mathilda Bennett-Greene, Hunter Jenkins, Louise Astbury and Amelia Brokenbrow

March 14 | The Conscious Realm of the Unconscious

March 10 | The Way Things Go exhibition with Jack Clarke, Catherine Hulme, Ruth Pilston, Tom Verity, Louella Ward, Rosie Wyllie

March 7 | Exhibition by Jack Yates & Anna Sampson

March 2,3 & 4 | Exhibition, An invitation to observe the nature of relationships, and their grasp and constructive powers within our reality

February 24 | CRAMP Exhibition by Goldsmiths 1st years

January 29 | Content – art show run by Goldsmiths BA and PHD art students

January 22 | Smelly Kids


December 19 | SIRENS presents: GREAT EXPECTATIONS immersive photographic installation

December 10-14 | Why don’t you paint Flowers? Works by: Antonella Ferrari, Silvia Forese, Ellie Geary, Joana Roberto, Angela Wright.

December 8 | Conditional Perfect works by Lucy Wilson and Saira Edwards

December 2-4 | Subversion 0.5 an interim show that brings together recent work that focuses on the subversion of materiality and context.

November 27 | Apeman Spaceman by Chris Calrerwood

November 17 | Sauce involving students from all three years of the BA Fine Art Course at Goldsmiths.

November 12-15 | Dissenting Room by Ernesto Torres

October 29-31 | youandme Exhibition with Ana Baldini, Leonie Brandner and Caley Holmboe

October 27 | Film Sreening to help Refugees

October 23 | STUPIDITY Exhibition

October 16-19 | Silent Movies

October 16 | [NAME] The Rite: [RENEW]

October 8-13 | FRAMING FICTIONS With Edd Bagenal, Shaun Caton, Patrick O’Donnell and Anthony McAndrew

October 1-4 | PHASE SHIFT Nayan Kulkarni & Steven Scott. The event was part of the ART LICKS Week End and DEPTFORD X

September 25-26 | FOCUS with Inma Berrocal‎, Bob Brown‎, Sinéid Codd, Helen Hayward, Grizelda Kitching‎, Xiaoqiao Li‎, Rob Marney‎, Isidora Papadouli, Luke Wade‎, Minami Wrigley

September 21 | MORELLO: THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE by Holly Rae Jones & Emily Hinckley

September 19 | BAAM Exhibition with Mike Gregory, Alex Hunter, Alberto Lamback, Ben Lun

August 22-23 | DIS-PLACE With Sophie Dixon, Claire Orme and Mai Spring

July 7-9 | GLOMER With Carly Baker, Omyo JeongHyun Cho, Helen Hamilton, Eve Ritchie, and Flora Scott

July 2-5 | VENICE PAVILION IN LONDON – curated by hARTslane

June 19-21 | DEATH OF INTENTION With Alia Pathan, Bex Massey and Cadi Froehlich

June 15 | SPACE NUGGETS With Elliot Hewgill, Molly Bridgwood, Rosie Ward and Tom Francis

June 11 | BACKWASH

June 8 | are/were Tansitory. States – An exhibition showing work from two artists specialising in painting, Ted Targett and Rowan Stevens.

June 4-5 | I Know The Smell But These Hands are New

May 29 -31 | CASTING COUCH by Cathy Gale & Carol Wyss

May 23 | GROUP. With Dominic White, Bex Massey, Ceri Elliston and Alexander Hunter

May 19-21 | BELLA FIGURA With Claudia Cole, Ryan Driscoll, Joe Jupe, Leah Pellow & Helga Thoroddsen

May 17 | HUIS CLOS

May 11 | PINK MORPHINE With Alice Sagar, Bart Hadjuk and Nataliia Kuznietsova

May 6-7 | THE IDEAL HOME SHOW With Aveen Lennon, Nina Dougan, Polly Tracey, Charlotte Weston & MK Bailey

April 29 – May 1 | INTERFERENCE

April 26 | HUIS CLOS

April 27-28 | IT IS WICKED NOT TO CARE? With Anndy Allen, Emma Hart, Ellie Pennick, Louis Judkins, Sarah Lynch-Jones

March 31 – April 5 | YOSHKA AND DREEN Installation and events by Jude Cowan Montague

March 27-29 | ONCE OUT OF NATURE by Angela Wright

March 22-23 | 31 Incredibly Creative Ways To Display All Your Stuff With Sophie Cantopher, Sasha Cresdee and Emilee Timmins

March 17-19 | IT’S COMING; IT’S JUST NOT HERE YET | Leonie Brandner, Connie Harrison, Abi Lawrence, Esther Merinero, Lauren Pennycott, Hayley Rackham, Tobias Seymour & Lachlan KosaniukInnes

March 12-15 | BORDER – Exhibition by Anna Lengden, Georgie Low, Jordan Naylor, Megan Stanton

March 9 | A Much Less Monumental Guise – exhibition by Francis Voss and John Petulla

March 7 | RUN event n. 6 – RANDOMS

February 26 | Emerged Perception – Exhibition comprising the works of three Central Saint Martins students: Rebecca Courtis, Greg Barratt and Agatha Lovett.

February 19-21 | An Isthmus Connects – Including Work by Tansy Tester, Tara Russel, Anna Rees, Sam Edgar and Ella Wysocki

February 16 | Azure – exhibition

February 13-15 | New Cross Pavilion II: Works on Paper – exhibition

January 16-17 | Revolutionary Britain: Art, Power & Politics, a night of artwork, discussion and drinks and a day of film screenings and political discussion.


December 5 – Again, from here –  exhibition with Brigitte Parusel, Cecily Tattersall, Fiona Grady, Hannah Luxton and Zoe Schoenherr.

November 19-21 –  RUN – Performance

October 31 – November 16 – Deptford Stories, Art. Music. Theatre. History at the Anthology Deptford Foundry – curated by Harts Lane Studios

September 27-28 – The Sky in a Room, twin installation | part of Deptford X 2014

September 23 – STILL immersive installation featuring paintings by Lauren Taylor

September 19-21 – ENDS collective exhibition

September 13 – FROM different contemporary approaches in art education

September 5-7 – New Cross Pavilion – short, three-day exhibition by an eclectic mix of artists.

July 23-25 – Deep Within the Bossom of the Night – Gaby Sahhar, Jacob Meyers-Belkin, Rebecca Samura, Cata Ivancov, Feroza Bakht, Meghan Curteis, Yuki Nishimura

July 18-20 – Two Printmakers at Harts Lane Studios – Dan Strange & Barbara Janiszewska

July 2nd – RUN n4: DREAMS – A platform for exchange, experiments, ideas. From performance art to music, theatre and installations.

June 21/23 – Chronostatis – Art Exhibtion by: Marie van Berchem, Jacob Chabeaux, Youwon Kim, Andrea de la Concha, Giada Marson & Lorenzo Monnini, Tomasz Niewinski, Benjamin Jacob Lewis Stevenson

June 20th – Socket & See –  Concept installation by Clive Burton

June 13/14 – Dimension Art show with Charlotte Vuissoz, Julia Veuillet, Karin Mendrecxky, Sam Murgatroyd

June 6th – Strawberry Jam collective first exhibition show

May 30th – June 1st – Can’t Touch This – Exhibition with Lauren Pennycott, George Dunkerton and Daisy Elsom

April 16th – Platonic Solid – Exhibiting artists: Astrid Alhbom Andersson, Mathilde Carbel, Louise Madsen, Camille Yvert

April 1st – Floor Plan A4 – Exhibition bringing together 15 artists from Kingston Fine Art

March 28th-29th – THE PRE-SCHOOL ART SHOW – An exhibition by the young artists at Headstart Day Nursery & Preschool, Lewisham (in the context of the Telegraph Hill Festival 2014)

March 26th – ACTION, INTERVENTION AND DAILY DEPLOYMENT | Launch Event (in the context of the Telegraph Hill Festival 2014)

March 21st-23rd – THE BIG NOISE FESTIVAL (in the context of the Telegraph Hill Festival 2014)

March 15th – DRIVEL – Exhibition with Amy Brennan and Karis Clapperton

March 13th – CRUMBS – Kingston Universuty Fine Art First Year Group Show

March 8th & 9th – Sketching New Cross Gate

February 22nd – SOUS LES PAVÈS LA PLAGE | Art Event

February 5th-8th – HARTS LANE PLATFORM | in(ep)trepid theatre presents: Father For Justice by Mark Wakeman & Dearly Departed by Liam Fleming

January 27th – HARTS LANE PLATFORM | DIVINE LABOUR: Artwork by Bo Garbo with an open discussion on the art world.

January 24th – HARTS LANE PLATFORM | PLASTIC DISCOURSE: Exhibition by Yorkson & Neptune


December 16th – REFLECT: Video projections and -installations by: Andrew James, Antonella Ferrari, Sarah Doyle

December 13th – HOSTED: RUN n 3 – Institution. From theatre to art installation, from spoken word to music and puppetry…  

December 11th – HOSTED: Exhibition by Alexandra Bell, Oli Foster, Poppy Rooney, Kelly Waugh

October 28th – Harts Lane Studios Extraordinary Meeting.

October 16th – Launch of ‘Let Me Go To The Window‘ Site specific art project. Until March 204

October 10 – HOSTED: ‘RUN‘ – a night of social experiment, sketches, performances, dance and melodies.

June 21, 22, 23 – HOSTED: ‘Everything but the Kitchen‘ Group exhibition by OSA Group.

June 12 – Preview of ‘Between Art and Reality‘ Group exhibition curated by Sigrun Sverrisdottir and Kevin Brennan

May 31 – Preview of ‘Patch Up!’ Quilt at the Hill Station Cafe – 7-9pm

May 8 – ‘Patch Up! the journeay continues. Workshop at the New Cross Learning with children from Childeric Primary School.

April 19, 20, 21 – HOSTED:  ‘Version 0.1’ Group Art show by Central Saint Martins Fine Art students.

March 24 – ‘Patch Up!‘ Activity for children of any age, in the context of the www.telegraphhillfestival.org.uk

February 24 – ‘Otherworldly‘ Art Exhibition

Febryary 16-17- HOSTED: ‘Distortion‘ Art exhibition by Kingston Fine Art students

January 25-27 – HOSTED: ‘Body Language‘ Art Exhibition by Samuel Bromley & Sean Francis Burns


October 21 – Black History Month

September 30 – Harts Lane Open – Download here the Harts Lane Open form with the Guidelines on how to participate


August 3 – HOSTED: Chelsea Salon Series – open to artists

August 1 – HOSTED: ‘Why Make?‘ Workshop – open to artists and craft-makers

July 22 – ‘United‘ Art Event – Press Release

June 27 – ‘Voyage’ Art Event

May 24 – ‘A Smile Spreading, Like a Secret…’ Art Event

April 21 – ‘Heaven Baby’ Art Show


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