Experimental Art Project Space in New Cross Gate

APEMAN SPACEMAN by Chris Calderwood

Chris Calrerwood | Apeman Spaceman
A one night only solo exhibition.
Friday 27 November
18:00 until 21:00


J’adore the restless ape
who pushes down full throttle
On the right hand peddle
With the flat of his foot,
As his opposable grip
Distant from the steering wheel
Letting slip his direction
To the chaotic rules of evolution.

For there is no solution
That we can plan
No control over our destination
To our constant directioned construction
Building up in desperation
Up Up Up.

Up past primordial mud
Up past branches of trees grasping
Up past tips of buildings
Built on the most loose of foundation;
That up is the direction of progress
Through the eye of hopeful expectation
the blue that so endears us

And even in rocket ships blasting
Firing distant through ozone insulation
Punching perfect holes in the cushion that keeps us,
And even in the crystal shafts of light that seep down upon our upward staring faces
We find no solution.
There is no up in the black void above.
No heavens at primate hand to reach
No human concern at all.
No progress, reason or logic.
Growth in all direction eclectic,
Chaos eternal.


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