Experimental Art Project Space in New Cross Gate

Subversion 0.5

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Subversion 0.5
Private View, Wednesday 2 December, 6-9p,
Artist Talk, Friday 4 December, 1-3pm
Open, Thursday 3 December, 12-5pm

Subversion 0.5 is an interim show that brings together recent work that focuses on the subversion of materiality and context. Bringing together a range of mediums; film, sculpture and installation, Subversion 0.5 focuses on the transformative qualities of materials and their ability to provoke new experiences. Through this exhibition the artists hope to move away from the institution and white cube and explore alternative gallery spaces. The intention is to create a dialogue between the artwork and it’s surroundings, that subverts the viewer’s expectations.

CALJJA is a group of artists living and working in Farnham. As a collective their work touches upon variation of emerging themes; cinema, the everyday, the existential, juxtaposition and process, but ultimately their work exists under the theme of subversion.


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