Experimental Art Project Space in New Cross Gate

The 10 winning postcards

During the exhibition Greetings From New Cross Gate, the public voted for their favourite 3 photos. The 10 most voted for had been produced into 25000 postcards and distrubuted widely in New Cross Gate, London and beyond.

The postcards can be freely collected from various local shops in New Cross Gate.
Special packages of the 10 winning postcards can also be purchased for £5 as part of our fundraising campaign for a new roof for hARTslane.
Please contact info@hartslane.org for enquiries and purchases.

And the winners are…. !

New Cross Growing Utopia

Patricio Forrester , ‘New Cross Growing Wild’
“Traffic, noise and pollution forever erased from New Cross Road in this whimsical act of imagination. I made this image before planting 1000 sunflowers along this busy road together with a group of local activists.”

Farhana M. Hoque, ‘Last Snow on Telegraph Hill – 2013’

“A blanket of snow made our urban landscape momentarily fantastical. Parents and children gathered to slide on anything slidable, and on any slope they could find. There was sense of joy and reckless abandon in the air. Families from all over the area, gathered like clumps of trees, were conjoined in laughter..”

Mikey B. Georgeson, ‘Harry in the Kitchen at Nettleton Road Studios (September 2016)’

“With liminal stealth New Cross Gate has crept into my creative imagination. All roads seem to lead there starting from when I played a concert in the labyrinthine shadows of the Venue to meeting artist Harry Pye in the haven of the Nettleton Road studios.”

Vanja Karas, ‘The Old New Cross Road’

“Inspired by its rich history, dating back to 1086, this work explores and layers historical images (1909) and historical maps of New Cross Gate and the surrounding area. It also layers the old photographic process of Cyanotype with elements of new digital processes making a transient connection of the old and the new in space and time.”

Peter Lally, ‘κυφός’
“Having moved here four years ago, I now consider New Cross home, having lived in the same house for the duration. This photo was taken at the bottom of my street. I like the similarity between the man and lampost.”

Harts lane1pic
Fred Agbah, ‘Your Carriage Awaits at New Cross Gate’

“New Cross Bus Garage, previously a tram depot, opened in 1906. I wanted to give an insider’s view of this community within the community. This postcard is an ode to the unsung chauffeurs who work here, providing a service for people from all walks of life, night and day.”

SmileJayAlix copy
Jay Alix, ‘Smile’

“This piece of Streetart was by Nem and up for only a few days back in 2012. It matched the new orange logo of New Cross Gate station and looked like a friendly
tube train front encouraging commuters to smile!”

Murdoch.McCormick FRONT
Murdoch-McCormick, ‘Creps’

“’Creps’ portrays two very different sides of New Cross Gate. Trainers suspended from phone wires, a reminder of the more edgy side of life in SE14, hang in front
of a billboard advertising rents from £300 per week.”

Flynn Richards
Flynn Rishards, ‘New Cross Cat’

“This cat is always sitting on a wall in my street when I walk back from school. I think this cat is special, funny and a little cross: like the people in New Cross Gate. Some are funny but most of them are happy and kind.”






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